Dataholics Ltd is a management consultancy, simply addicted to data. 

We take pride in delivering data solutions into any workspace to efficiently maintain and report your data – making your life easier.

We specialise in handling financial and reference data and can provide many benefits to the data processing and control for any size of business enterprise.

We are based in the West Midlands and have clients across the Midlands, London and the South East.

All our clients can control the on-boarding process by allowing us to work closely with them, at their own pace and size of project, to enable the benefits of our services to be achieved. 

We always ensure that it is “business as usual” for the client, and the client always controls when any efficiencies and new processes are delivered into their business.

All businesses rely on the quality of their data and we can provide real efficiencies to your organisation to help reduce your operational pressure points.

We have the experience to deliver the correct solution for all your concerns including:

·         Greater data accuracy

·         More timely and up to date information

·         Combining disparate systems

·         Improved controls and management of your delivery channels

·         Redesign and radically reduce the costs of your data operations

·         Working within budgetary constraints

Dataholics focuses on “the data” and “the reporting of the data” so that we can deliver a fast and effective solution to satisfy all your data cravings.  We can deliver this in a variety of ways to suit your circumstances by providing you with the appropriate controls, maintained workflows and clear reports at every step of the way.

For small one off projects with individual control, to a fully serviced data maintenance offering with department control, the answer is here.
Let Dataholics solve all your data headaches.

Data maintenance has just got exciting, see for yourself, please contact us for more information - info@dataholics.com