We have found that most data exercises and business problems can be generally classified under one of two types:

·  Data Integration - the user wishes to consolidate all their data (from several systems or places) into one combined data set, subject to their own specific rules

·  Data Matching - the user wishes to ascertain the matched records and unmatched records across several data sets
We ensure that the outcome of both of these processes delivers more accurate data and more succinct data intelligence to your business. 

Our services will enable you the ability of:

·  Data Cleansing - find duplicates or potential duplicates in the data

·  Multiple Source Consolidation - produce a combined full set of data (superset) comprising of any number of data feeds or data sets

·  Data Differencing - reconcile any number of data feeds or data sets by producing reports on the items which do match and those which do not match

·  Process Control – define and manage data workflows with the appropriate authorisations at each stage 

·  System Migration – control the end to end migration of full systems

·  Reporting – pre-defined reports are available and also the ability to define other styles of reports

This enables the following example operations to be readily performed:

·  Removing duplicate names from an address list, mailshot, customer list

·  Highlighting duplicate rogue transactions e.g. multiple bank payments of the same amount

·  Combine several customer data feeds on a merger or acquisition

·  Data quality controls which display missing data and field differences

·  Pass records through a departmental authorisation process with the necessary controls

·  Compare data records at the start of a “black box” process to those at the finish and even compare the data sets to the predicted results to enable quality checking

Remember - our consultancy service can provide you with a rapid data solution and management tool in an instant.

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